a dog's tale

A Tale of Who Saved Who

This is a dog’s tale, 5 years in the making. It is a tale of who saved who. First we need to go back to June of 2007 when Arizona Golden Retriever Connection took in a 1 year old dog with severe hip problems. Jackson was in so much pain that he would have to lean against the wall when he went to the bathroom. Besides his physical pain, Jackson did not do well with other dogs. For two months, Jackson was in a home with other dogs but Jackson’s aggressiveness toward other dogs kept escalating.  A new foster home who was willing to work with his physical needs and his behavioral needs was going to be a hard bill to fill. When Abby and Mark filled out an application, they had lost their beloved black lab and were preparing to cross their 13 year old Golden, Sasha across the Rainbow Bridge. In their application they wrote We want to foster a dog in medical need in order to help facilitate a positive adoption outcome. In the event that we become "failed fosters" we have always had dogs in our family and are willing to rescue (adopt) the right dog. “Mark was suffering from a life threatening disease so he would be home with Jackson and was willing to help Jackson through his hip surgeries and work on his behavior.  In April of 2008, Abby and Mark made it official, Jackson had found his forever home.

Through the years, Abby would bring Jackson to AZGRC’s annual Gotcha Day event. We would ask about how Mark was feeling and in the first years, Abby would always say, not really good but Mark is hanging in there. Occasionally Mark would try to make our Gotcha Day event but it was a long walk down a hill and tiring.

Fast forward to Gotcha Day November 2012. Mark, Abby and Jackson arrived early and stayed the whole event. I was amazed at how good Mark was looking. Mark proceeded to thank us for saving his life. He went on to say that when Jackson came into their life, Mark was so sad about losing their other dogs and his health problems were so overwhelming that he had given up. He truly saw no reason to fight any more. Because of Jackson, Mark found the strength to keep going.

Jackson was saved by Mark and Abby. Mark was saved by Jackson. Beyond a doubt they saved each other.

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