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"Rescue dogs aren't broken, they've simply experienced more life than other dogs.  If they were human, we would call them wise.  They would be the ones with tales to tell and stories to write, the ones dealt a bad hand who responded with courage.  Don't pity a rescue dog. Adopt One. And be proud to have their greatness by your side."

If you are interested in meeting one of our goldens, there are a few things you need to do first.

1.  Fill out an application online or download an application today.  
2.  Email Adoptions (adoptions@azgrc.org) to contact our adoptions coordinator about your interest in one of our Goldens.


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Friday, February 05, 2016

  TeAK   5 1/2 Mo Female   Available  Contact #12-16

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Teak is your typical Golden Retriever puppy, she is full of energy, very sweet and loves to play.  She is housebroken and knows some basic commands, but will still require structure and training.  Teak loves to go for walks and will need to burn off a lot of energy or she will find other things in the house to “entertain” herself.

Like many puppies, Teak can be a “mouthy”.  She likes to put almost anything in her mouth including your hands, shoes, etc.  She is learning to walk on a leash, but still pulls a little.  She is living in a foster home with other dogs and cats and is always looking for one of them to play with her.  Teak also likes children, but she would do best with older kids.

Teak tested positive for Valley Fever so she will require medication and follow-up tests. 

She will be a great dog for the right family who is willing to continue her training and provide a high level of activity and exercise.  In return, you will get a loving companion who will be a wonderful addition to your family. 

If you are interested in Teak, please complete our adoption application.  Our Adoption Team is only able to respond to requests and questions from approved applicants.  If your application has already been approved, please e-mail info@azgrc.org to let us know you are interested in Teak.

AZGRC’s policy is not to place dogs under 3 years of age with families with children under 3.  AZGRC strives to find the best possible home for our dogs. Our selection is not dependent on how long you may have had an application on file. 


 Housebroken, knows some basic commands, needs training


 Good with other dogs, cats and older kids

Activity Level::

 Very High energy



  GOGO   7-8 Year Male   Available  Contact #08-16

To View Slideshow, CLICK HEREGoGo

Go Go was found in the mountain area of Taiwan in September of 2015.  Most likely he was abandoned by his owner who no longer had any use for him.  Life is can be terrifying for a homeless dog, especially in Taiwan.  When Go Go was rescued he was very thin and heartworm positive.  There was a scar on his back, most likely from being burned by something, or someone.  

After four months in his Taiwan rescue home, Go Go successfully completed his heartworm treatment, put on much needed weight and grown back much of his fur.  He was ready to make the long journey to the United States to find his forever home.  On January 16th, Go Go arrived at LA airport, met his AZGRC transport team and headed for his foster home in Arizona.

Even though Go Go has gone through a lot of hard times, he remains a very sweet boy who just wants to be loved.  He most likely spent a great deal of time in a kennel rather than living with a family because he is very curious about all the new things he finds inside a house.  Since he can’t touch with his paws, he will use his mouth to pick up what he is curious about, much like a young pup.  Additionally, he is an accomplished counter surfer!  Go Go‘s new family will need to teach him proper house manners.  Go Go gets along with other dogs but will do best as an only dog.  

Go Go does like to play fetch and will bring the ball back to you.  However he will need to be taught how to walk properly on a leash.  He appears and acts much younger than his eight years and has lots of energy.  He is a hidden Golden treasure needing to be rescued by the right family who will be willing to give him lots of love, attention and patience.

Go Go will do best with a family who has experience in working with young Goldens and/or rescue dogs.

If you are interested in learning more about Go Go, or would like to welcome him into your home and heart, please submit an application or call AZGRC at 602-870-0037.  You can also email us at adoptions@azgrc.org.  


 Needs to learn basic commands



Activity Level::

 Lots of energy



  Nugget   8-9 Year Male   Adoption Pending  Contact #29-15






Activity Level::



Adoption Pending

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